Chapter History

The John Alexander Chapter was organized May 17, 1932.

The chapter was named by the late Eleanor Washington Howard (last child born at Mount Vernon) for the Patriot, John Alexander, for whom the City of Alexandria was named over two hundred and fifty years ago. The chapter’s Motto, “Youth - Now and in the Future,” appropriately emphasizes our keen interest in future citizens. For all of our 76 years, we have worked toward National and State goals.

Mrs. Marion Moncure Duncan, Organizing Member and then Chapter Regent, 1937 – 1940 became the first Virginia Daughter to serve as President General, NSDAR, upon her election in April, 1962.

Time magazine’s interview of the President General noted she was one of the youngest women ever to head the organization. She was described as the mother of three sons and also the manager of the insurance department of a real estate company.

Her goal was to tell the public ought to know "our real story." "Modern young women want to be well-rounded, whether they're young matrons with children or in business." she says. "I feel they are interested in an upsurge of patriotism, and I think they are part, and should be part, of a well-rounded America. I feel it's time to stand up and be counted before it's too late."

  • Mrs. Mary Lee Spilman Bayol (Edgar S.)
  • Mrs. Sara Bayol Taylor (Russell R.)
  • Mrs. Marion Chadwick Hotchkiss (Reginald P.)
  • Mrs. Mary Fontaine Creath (Samuel L.)
  • Mrs. Helen Mills Doniphan (A. S., Jr.)
  • Mrs. Amelia Jones Herring (William P.)
  • Mrs. Harriet Hill Ravenel (Stephen D.)
  • Mrs. Ida Wood Hill Montague (Charles D.)
  • Miss Laura Hulfish
  • Mrs. Lunette Christy Kirk (Harry D.)
  • Mrs. Katharine Leadbeater Bloomer (Howard B., Jr.)
  • Mrs. Virginia Leary Manson (Sydney L.)
  • Miss Mary Ellice Lee
  • Mrs. Jane Brewer Amann-Jones
  • Mrs. Marion Moncure Duncan (Robert V.H.)
  • Mrs. Evelyn Pickett Baker (Seldon S.)
  • Mrs. Janet Rowen Pickett (George E.)
  • Mrs. Beverly Quarles Mays (H. Harold)
  • Mrs. Virginia Wilkens Rixey (Samuel W.)
  • Mrs. Mary E. Rowen (Thomas B.)
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Sherier tenHouten (Cornelis P.)
  • Mrs. Aileen Smith (William C.)
  • Mrs. Rebecca Lloyd Smoot Seaman (C. Marbury, Sr.)
  • Mrs. Anna C. Stump
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Swan Montague (Lewis P.)
  • Mrs. Augusta Bode Taylor (George P.)
  • Mrs. Lucille Bayol Carneal (Charles W.)
  • Mrs. Margaret Broaddus Wheat (Robert W.)
  • Mrs. Julia Bigelow Wyman (Bayard)
  • Mrs. Evelyn Peake Elliot (Charles)
  • Mrs. Barbara Snow Bliss (George I.)
  • Mrs. Frank Smoot Rossnagel (Berthold)


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